Wah, Are The Chainsmokers Really Heading To Penang This Year?

A Facebook post by an event organiser seem to suggest that the EDM-pop duo will be headlining a music festival in Penang sometime this year.

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"Chainsmokers in Penang? Yes please!"

An announcement on Facebook has generated no small amount of excitement among the EDM-pop duo's fans in Malaysia, as it seemed to suggest that the hitmakers may be making their way to Penang sometime this year

A Facebook post published on Monday, 10 April promises to deliver more news on an upcoming music festival dubbed M Music Festival 2017, which will be held in Penang this year.

The post has gone viral since, with over 3,100 shares on Facebook and at least 2,000 people tagging their friends in the comments section.

The announcement is more-than-welcome news for fans and casual listeners alike, as the duo are no doubt one of the most popular acts right now

Plus, how often do you see international artists - let alone super popular ones - perform in Penang, of all places?!

Chainsmokers are not the only headliners who may be gracing Penang with their presence. The page also seem to be drumming up excitement by posting photos of big names like K-pop diva Hyuna and Dutch EDM duo Showtek.

R&B singer Tinashe, another Dutch EDM duo W&W, Australian DJ Havana Brown, and even Paris Hilton were named in their teaser posts.

While that's an impressive line-up of artists, we gotta admit that we're a little skeptical about the likelihood of having all those big names on one stage

It is also worth noting that the first and last M Music Festival - headlined by LMFAO's RedFoo and Taboo from Black Eyed Peas - was held at Auto-City Juru, Penang on 23 January 2016. In fact, the page was last active on 24 January 2016 before they started posting "teasers" for the supposed 2017 edition on 5 February this year.

SAYS has reached out to the event organisers for further clarification regarding the event

In the meantime, you can follow them on Facebook for more updates.

On a related note, it is rumoured that Ed Sheeran might also be making his way to Malaysia this year:

Were you at Coldplay's sold-out concert in Singapore last week? Then you'd totally get these feels:

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