Coldplay's Chris Martin Makes KL Audience Smile With Candid Original Song 'Malaysian Rain'

A happy little ditty to liven spirits during a rain-soaked concert.

Cover image via @pelisahh (X)

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During the rain-soaked Kuala Lumpur leg of Coldplay's Music of The Spheres World Tour, frontman Chris Martin dazzled the crowd with a ditty about the country's weather

At a packed Bukit Jalil National Stadium, over 75,000 fans were witness to one of the biggest concerts by a foreign act in recent memory, and although the night was hit by a spell of rain, it didn't stop the band from enrapturing the crowd with hit single after hit single.

But especially for Kuala Lumpur attendees, singer Chris Martin decided to whip out a little song about the rainy weather which was aptly titled Malaysian Rain.

Check out the short performance captured by user @pelisahh on X:

For the thousands that were forced to endure the wet weather hours before entering the stadium, this little performance must have definitely put a smile on their faces

Throughout his short guitar-backed performance, Chris highlighted how much he loved Malaysian rain despite having been around the world, and how warm the rain was β€” to the point that it made him feel better even when he felt that he "shouldn't have been born".

Here are the song's lyrics:

I've been to Europe,
I have been to Spain,
But there's nothing quite as beautiful as Malaysian rain!

Whenever I'm down,
Whenever I'm in pain,
I love to stand in Malaysian rain!

Whenever I feel like I shouldn't have been born,
I stand in the rain and it keeps me warm,
The most wonderful rain that I've ever seen,
I'm going to leave Malaysia feeling f***ing clean!

When I landed in Kuala Lumpur I said,
"Oh my gosh!
We're gonna play a concert,
and I'm gonna have a wash"

I wish we could play for another hour,
Man, I could take another hour-long shower!

When I get home I'm going to explain,
Just how beautiful, Malaysian rain!
Malaysian rain, oh, Malaysian rain,
Just how beautiful, Malaysian rain!

On X, many thought positively of Chris Martin's short performance and praised the singer for making an effort to connect with the local audience

Image via @naeust (X)

Some even hoped that the song could eventually be made more famous and become a local anthem of sorts. One wild suggestion was to include the song as part of future Hari Kebangsaan celebrations. 

Image via @pelisahh (X)

One commenter thought that the song could perhaps get lots of plays if it were on Spotify.

Image via @ainabas_ (X)

Unfortunately, not everyone in the vicinity was able to hear Malaysian Rain.

But still, that didn't stop them from having a good time outside the stadium:

During the concert, the band also managed to thank the Malaysian government for allowing them to perform in Kuala Lumpur:

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