Dad Tries Reaching Out To Coldplay For Late Daughter Who Planned To Go To Their KL Concert

His daughter passed away just two weeks before Coldplay's highly anticipated KL concert.

Cover image via @flyfm958 (Instagram) & Dave John (Provided to SAYS)

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A touching moment recently unfolded on Fly FM when a father, Dave John, 48, called in to share a heartfelt message in honour of his late daughter, Jade Mikayla John

As seen in an Instagram Reel posted by the radio station, Dave called in and shared that his late daughter had always been a devoted Coldplay fan, and she was very excited to finally see them perform live on Wednesday, 22 November.

Despite eagerly sharing her excitement with her parents for months, Jade, unfortunately, passed away just two weeks before the highly anticipated concert.

The radio announcers, Ryan Howlett and Kevin Jay, then told Dave that they will try their best to help fulfil the grieving father's wish, which is for Coldplay to give a shoutout to his late daughter during one of their songs on the day of the concert.

"That's wonderful, I appreciate it, guys. She would be looking down with a great big grin on her face, she'd be beaming from ear to ear," Dave replied.

FlyFM radio announcer, Ryan Howlett, on the phone with Dave John.

Image via @flyfm958 (Instagram)

In a conversation with SAYS, Dave shared his experience reaching out to Fly FM with the hope of spreading Jade's story

"The support from the radio team was immediate and very touching. I know the band checks their socials, and whilst it would be great for Jade to get a shoutout, what's been more uplifting is the amount of love and support that she's receiving online," said Dave.

He went on to say that he initially did not know how to reach out to the band, and could only think of phoning the radio station for help.

"I want to get a message to the band to see if they'd show a picture of Jade during one of their songs, she was a massive fan and the concert was supposed to be the highlight music event of her life," he added.

The late Jade Mikayla John.

Image via Dave John (Provided to SAYS)

Before her passing, Jade was on the brink of embarking on her studies at an internationally recognised bakery school

Her dreams also included building a beautiful life with her would-be-husband, Arvin, with plans to establish a bakery business in the UK.

"Jade was super talented and could turn her hand to making almost anything. She was a unique young lady who loved nothing more than using power tools whenever the chase arose and was way stronger than her size.

"She was a big fan of Coldplay's music along with the members' personalities. For her, Coldplay is the best of both, real in what they stood for and awesome with their music, she admired them on different levels. She loved Coldplay, really loved them," Dave told SAYS.

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