Oyen & Capybara Share Intimate Moment Together At Zoo Negara & I've Never Felt More Alone

Better love life than me. :')

Cover image via @znmzoonegara (TikTok)

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It's a well-known fact that a specific ginger cat has decided to make the capybara enclosure at Zoo Negara its home

In recent years, the cat, who goes by Oyen (which colloquially translates to orange in Bahasa Melayu), went viral globally for living, eating, and sleeping with the capybaras in Zoo Negara.

It stayed long enough that Zoo Negara saw an increase in visitors and even set up a plaque for it, which reads, "Capybara & Oyen".

The adorable 'imposter', who was warmly accepted by the capybaras as one of their own, was recently spotted snuggling with one of its capybara companions

In a video shared by Zoo Negara on TikTok, the duo could be seen affectionately rubbing heads, primarily initiated by Oyen, the ginger cat.

The caption simply reads, "Good morning, may you find yourself someone like Oyen".

The tender moment seemed to go on for quite a while and the capybara appeared to have no complaints.

If this ain't love, I don't know what is

You can watch the video below:


good morning. may you find yourself someone like oyen #oyen #capybara #zoonegaramalaysia2023

Urn by Crying City - Crying City<3

Capybaras don't mind staying alone, but they are also highly social animals who can live in groups of up to 40

They are known to be chill animals that get along with almost everyone. They've even been seen hanging out with crocodiles and alligators!

Image via @yurivictor (X)
Image via @yurivictor (X)

If you're ever in Taiwan, there's a capybara café where you can visit and pet these giant animals:

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