Cat Goes Bald Because Its Friend Keeps Licking Its Head So Owner Comes Up With Solution

Appropriate solution.

Cover image via @juanwillworkfortreats (TikTok)

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There may be many reasons why a cat starts to go bald: stress, poor diet, or an illness.

But not for Hobbes.

A cat owner recently shared how she noticed that one of her cats, named Hobbes, was starting to go bald.

Initially thinking that it could have been caused by ringworm or fungus, the feline's owner soon discovered that it was due to a rather unexpected reason. 

Hobbes was just being loved... rather aggressively, but still, loved by a friend

In a TikTok posted by the cats' owner, @juanwillworkfortreats, she showed a clip of how Hobbes lives with another cat friend who loves to lick him, which has resulted in the cat's almost furless head that can be likened to a stressed-out middle-aged man. 

Here's a photo of Hobbes, his bald spot, and the culprit of his bald spot:

Wanting to protect Hobbes' from baring it all, the cats' owner came up with a simple yet effective solution...

... hats.

In the video, the owner shows Hobbes donning several hats as a way to protect his head, but maybe not his dignity.

Fortunately for Hobbes, the solution has been working and according to the owner, he has been slowly regrowing his missing patch of fur

Since the video went viral, several people have sided with the loving gesture of Hobbes' friend, while many in the comments relayed how their own cats are aggressive groomers too

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Despite not having a bald spot, this cat has no choice but to model his owner's crochet hats:

Meanwhile, this clingy cat was the reason why his owner couldn't breathe at night:

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