Malaysian Crochets And Sells Cat Hats & These Review Photos Are Giving Me Life

The Internet loves them, Bob tolerates them.

Cover image via @kashikoiaina (TikTok)

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This is Bob

Bob is Aina's cat, who currently has 57,200 followers on TikTok.

Thanks to his owner, Bob has achieved stardom because of the flamboyant hats that Aina makes for him.

His owner told SAYS that she spent her free time crocheting hats for Bob, who she sometimes affectionately calls Abob, earlier this year while she was on her school break

She began showing Bob wearing them on TikTok in October and her videos quickly went viral, helping her sell out all 42 hats within a day!

Please take a look at these reviews of Aina's work and the obliging models

At the moment, Aina makes and sells six designs.

There's a mushroom hat...

... and watermelon, strawberry, apple, frog, and pom pom designs


“this fam makes me want to murder people”

sonido original - Tik Toker

You can also request for her other designs on TikTok. Just take a screenshot of the one you want in her videos and drop her a message to check if they're available.

Some of the others include a giraffe, panda, lion, and cowboy hat design.

Just take note that these hats might induce extra snuggles with your cat because of their cuteness overload.

You can check out Aina and Bob's TikTok here and her shop online.

Some cats are just born to be on the runway:

While others are there to protecc and make monies:

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