The World's Cutest Fish Vendor Is A Cat That Shows Up To Work In An Emperor Costume

Move aside, T'challa!

  • If you ever find yourself in Vietnam someday, you'll want to stop by this local fish market in Hai Phong... coz you might be lucky enough to spot the world's cutest fish vendor

    • Meet Dog, a cool Scottish Fold Cat that's often spotted selling fish at the market with his human Le Quoc Phong.

    • According to Viral Lay, Le Quoc Phong gave his pet the peculiar name 'Dog' because he breathes and acts like a pup.

  • Dog has become quite a celebrity on social media, with over 15,000 followers who can’t get enough of fancy gentlekitty’s sense of style

  • Every day, Le Quoc Phong heads to the crowded plaza and brings along his secret to success: his adorable feline sidekick clad in quirky costumes

    • Le Quoc's out of the box business strategy has clearly paid off, as Dog has quickly become the main attraction at the market. 

      • 6897 Image via Viral Lay
        Dog being photographed by a fellow vendor.
  • Variety is key, so don’t be surprised if you find Dog selling other goods instead…

  • Not only is Dog the most stylish pet at the marketplace, his owner says that the cat actually enjoys playing dress up

    • Though some people were concerned that Dog may be uncomfortable in his garments, Le Quoc said that they couldn't be more wrong. In fact, he claimed that the feline "feels very cosy" and likes to stroll around while all decked up.

  • When the busy kitty gets to take a break from his day job, Dog can be spotted around town with street wear that will put even the trendiest fashionistas to shame

  • If you think Dog makes all his money from selling produce, think again. This entrepreneur has a few part-time gigs too!

  • Do you really need another reason to fly to Vietnam? :p

    • To see more of Dog's impeccable costumes and his adorable antics, follow him on Facebook

  • Meanwhile, in Malaysia, PM Najib’s cat Kiky is enjoying life to the fullest on Instagram:

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