This Instagram Famous Black Cat Is The Fashion Icon Of 2020

A true meowdel.

Cover image via Instagram @rover_thecat

He's fashion-forward. He's everything you wish you could be. He's Rover.

Meet the black cat who has been making waves on the Internet by strutting down his imaginary catwalk in fashionable outfits. 

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone, it's not hard to see how Rover's hard work has paid off.

Victoria's Secret models can't beat this mouse king

Turn on the sound for the complete fashion show experience.

He's absolutely majestic. A stunner, really. Winterfell would have fallen at his paws and defended his honour.

Jon Snow's got nothing on this Kit-ty Harrington.

Rover was just a few weeks old when his parents adopted him from a no-kill shelter - West Columbia Gorge Humane Society - in October 2015.

Speaking to SAYS, his parents shared that they put together a new outfit for Rover to model every month.

And each one is handmade!

Whatever the season or festivity collection, this black cat makes it work in the most elegant way.

When asked what Rover's earnings are like, his parents revealed that he enjoys getting paid in treats and would sell his soul for any Temptations goodies.

Quarantine hair, don't care.

Met Gala and fashion shows around the world may be postponed, but this black beast shows no signs of slowing down during this quarantine

When he isn't busy with his modelling career, Rover spends his time napping and catching up on snuggles with his parents (more so during this stay at home period!).

A beast. An icon. A black force to be reckoned with.

For more of his fashion looks, follow Rover on Instagram and Facebook.

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