All Looks Normal In This Zoo Negara Enclosure Until A Guy Spots Imposter: An Oyen, Again

Part of their world.

Cover image via @nabilnash_ (TikTok)

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The rainy weather lately has got everyone feeling cosy and sleepy.

These capybaras recently spotted at Zoo Negara were no exception.

In a TikTok video posted by @nabilnash_, it all seemed pretty normal as he recorded a group of cute capybaras chilling and sheltering from the rain in their enclosure.

Until, he looked closer.

While panning his camera, here's what he saw...

Sitting peacefully among the capybaras was a certain orange 'floof' that appeared to have joined the capybara cuddle session

With its eyes closed, the cat seemed to be taking the opportunity for a nap, as the rain fell around the shelter.

It is possible that this is the same ginger cat that was spotted in the enclosure about a year ago — also taking a nap then.

The ginger cat has been said to have been spotted by several Zoo Negara visitors over time.

Image via TikTok

While this oyen has made the zoo its home, another adorable animal has previously tried to leave:

Meanwhile, instead of a lion, visitors saw one very confused Golden Retriever inside the cage at a zoo in China:

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