Determined Baby Panda Refuses To Go Into Zoo Negara Enclosure After Trying To Escape

Mission incomplete.

Cover image via @znmzoonegaramalaysia (TikTok)

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Although they are clumsy at times, pandas can be unexpectedly intelligent animals.

A lil' fellow in Zoo Negara recently proved that.

In a mission to escape, a baby panda was caught on camera attempting to climb out of its enclosure. 

Like a toddler trying to get out of its crib to avoid a nap, the panda can be seen slowly reaching the top of the barrier while using a rock wall feature as a stool to step up. 

With sheer determination, the escape artist manages to reach the top, while precariously balancing its round, fluffy body on the barricade.

Much to the animal's dismay, a zookeeper spots its attempt to escape and gently nudges it back into its enclosure

Unwilling to give up, the panda clings on with its paws, forcing the staff to gently nudge each paw back down.

Perhaps the panda could use a little help from these determined experts:

If you can't escape, just try to blend in:

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