These 2 Cats Have Been Trying To Enter A Japanese Museum For Years

The museum now sells merchandise of the feline duo.

Cover image via Onomichi City Art Museum

For decades, museums around the world have been attracting visitors who have interest in art, history, and culture

Image via Japan Guide

One Japanese museum in particular has been having two unusual feline guests wanting to enjoy some of Japan's art

For the past couple of years, two stubborn cats have been trying to enter Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art.

According to SoraNews 24, the cats have been attempting to enter the building ever since the museum held a cat photography exhibition in 2016. 

The first furry visitor paid its visit then.

But was immediately turned away by the museum's security guard at the entrance.

A year later, the same cat came back to try its luck... only to be shoo-ed off yet again

Here it was seen sitting outside the entrance perhaps plotting its next attempt. Revenge is a sweet disaster, my friend.

The black, furry creature may have failed, but another cultured cat was determined to put its paw down for the sake of the feline community

With boldness, it strut towards the museum.


At least the friendly security guard consoled its feelings by giving it loving scratches before sending it on its way

The cats have gained some fame on the Internet since then, that the museum decided to make merch to represent the furry duo

After all, it's the least they could do.

Image via RabbeseKing

The frequent visits have since made the cats quite popular with the security guard and museum that they've both been named Ken or Ken Chan (black cat) and Gosaku or Go-Chan (ginger cat).

We're still unsure as to whether the cats have been allowed into the museum yet though.

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