A Tourist In Vietnam Thought Asian People "Shower" With A Toilet Bidet

He took to Facebook to complain about his shower struggles.

Cover image via Hamish Carruthers / DH Gate

A viral Facebook post shows a foreigner who was in Hanoi, Vietnam for almost a week and had a huge struggle with the "showers"

Hamish Carruthers said he was loving everything about his Vietnam trip except for one thing - the showers

Turns out, Hamish has been using the toilet bidet to shower, thinking it was Vietnam's extreme way to save water

"I'm all for saving water but having to hold your finger on the button to keep the water flowing seems a bit extreme," he said in the Facebook post.

Moreover, he added that Vietnamese people are not that short and lamented that he had to bend down to wash his hair with the hand-controlled nozzle.

Image via Keyman Relates

"I tried 2 different hostels now and they both have this style of shower."

Hamish said the cold temperature does not bother him but the height does.

He even asked for the public's opinion on the Vietnamese showers.

The post soon caught locals’ attention, who pointed out that the β€œshower” is actually a bidet meant to wash one’s nether regions:

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Apparently, this isn't the first foreigner to think Asian people shower with toilet bidets

Image via Facebook

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