Bubble Tea Girl, The Nun, And 11 More Asian Kids Who Are Winning At Halloween This Year

It helps that they look SIMPLY ADORABLE.

Cover image via 988 Play Facebook / New Kuo Facebook / Cheng Kuok Keung Facebook

For the past two years, Momo Lu has held on to her crown as Halloween Queen since scaring her classmates to tears as No Face from Japanese anime Spirited Away

No forks given.

Image via Elmo Lu Facebook

The Taiwanese tot continued her reign of terror the following year when she embraced her Gothic side as death god Ryuk from Japanese manga Death Note. Don't mess. 

This year, however, Momo might want to step up her game... coz these creepy little ghouls are totally gunning for the throne:

1. This little Nun is already winning spooky points for her epic death stare

We don't know about you, but we're impressed and a little terrified at the same time. shudders

Image via 988 Play

2. At least this one's friendly...

3. You may love bubble tea, but do you love it enough to wear giant bubble tea pearls around your face for an entire day?

Ugh, they're super adorable though...!

Image via Mothership

4. Everybody go home, this is the greatest and most creative use of a plastic tong we've seen today

5. This little girl's amazing headless get-up is way ahead of everyone else in terms of blood splatter and costume design

6. When you've locked up all the hungry ghosts and it's your time to party...

Image via

For context, these guys are dressed as the Heibai Wuchang, the two deities in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the Underworld in Chinese mythology. 

7. Who cares about Crazy Rich Asians when you've got these Crazy Rich Babies, amirite?!

8. Last but not least, this baby pho looks cute enough to eat UGH

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