This Little Girl Wins Halloween Again With Her Super Amazing 'Death Note' Costume

Halloween belongs to her.

Cover image via 萌萌&咩咩(小小無臉男)

You guys remember Momo, right?

Momo, a cute little girl from Kaoshiung, Taiwan, went as No-Face from the film 'Spirited Away' for last year's Halloween.

While the world was into Momo's spooky tribute to Hayao Miyazaki's acclaimed film, her classmates felt otherwise

Her costume was so terrifying that she managed to make some of her classmates cry. She even became a meme!

A year later, Momo is again going all out for Halloween, but this time with a new costume

She went gothic this year by dressing up as Ryuk, a death god from the popular manga series 'Death Note'. 

Momo's mum, Elmo, told Buzzfeed that Momo came up with the idea to dress up as Ryuk about three months ago when she saw a video of the character dancing to Pikotaro's 'Pen Pineapple Apple Pen'.

Momo wins Halloween again this year. No competition.

Momo shared the limelight this year with her sister, Miemie, who went as L, the mysterious detective from the same series

Name a more iconic duo.

Here’s a video of the two of them at the school's Halloween event. You can see a few uncomfortable reactions from other kids, but no tears this year!

See you next year, Momo!

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