SOP-Compliant Oyen Queues Up For Vaccination... Gets Its Butt Hauled Out Instead

Just trying to be a good meowtizen.

Cover image via @ohohwaihong (Twitter)

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While everyone is waiting for their vaccinations, a little fellow has been spotted recently also trying to do its part

On 11 July, Twitter user @ohohwaihong tweeted photos of a ginger cat sitting patiently in a queue at Clementi Community Centre in Singapore.

Not long after attempting to get its jab, however, the oyen was seen being carried out by a volunteer.

His tweet has since blown up with several people trying to defend the oyen's rights

While others chimed in with cheeky replies on why it probably got kicked out

Sorry oyen. Maybe try again in a few more weeks.

In the meantime, we leave you with this. 

Leave it to oyens to make a scene everywhere they go:

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