Vendor Sends A Photo Of Their Shiba Inu As Apology After Customer Finds Dog Fur In Parcel

Speaking to SAYS, the vendor said she is overwhelmed by the messages she received on Shopee asking about her Shiba Inu.

Cover image via @doudou.shiba (Instagram)

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'My dog ate my homework' is a common excuse many of us have used as kids to get out of trouble at school.

But what if you are an adult now and your dog's mischief is indeed the cause of trouble at work?

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This is exactly what happened to a Shopee vendor when her dog's fur found its way into her customer's parcel

Writing in a post published in a Shopee Facebook group last Friday, 25 June, the customer shared five screenshot photos of their conversation with a vendor.

"There is dog fur in the parcel. When the vendor replied, I was dying in laughter," said the customer who seemed to not be bothered by the vendor's blunder.

Based on the conversation between the customer and the vendor, it is believed that the fur of the vendor's Shiba Inu fell into the customer's parcel during the packaging process and the vendor failed to notice it.

"Your house rare what dog har?" the customer asked the vendor on Shopee, adding, "So many (sic) fur came out from the parcel." 

In response, the vendor apologised and shared a photo of her Shiba Inu looking rather guilty.

However, in the spirit of being a good sport, the customer said the doggo looks innocent.

Image via Facebook

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 2,000 shares and 1,900 likes

Meanwhile, hundreds of netizens expressed their delight to see such an adorable Shiba Inu, while others made jokes about the incident.

"I have a black curly poodle. If I were you (the vendor), I would not dare to say it's my dog's fur. I would say it's mine," a top comment read.

"The vendor's humour will soften the customer. Then, there will be no unnecessary bad reviews. The vendor has very high emotional intelligence," said another Facebook user.

"Why didn't I get dog fur when I bought it?" asked a jealous customer.

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Speaking to SAYS after the post went viral, the vendor said she received a lot of messages in her Shopee inbox asking about her Shiba Inu

The vendor said Shopee has a system that tracks the vendor's response time to customers' queries.

Since the incident, she told this SAYS writer over a phone call that it has affected her response time score on the e-commerce platform.

Instead, she shared that if netizens wanted more photos of her doggo, they can visit its Instagram account @doudou.shiba.

"Even the owner of the pet store who washes my dog messaged me and asked if this is Dou Dou, and I said yes. I explained to her Dou Dou is famous now because of its fur," she said.

If you want to see more of Dou Dou, visit its Instagram account here.

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