This Man In Kelantan Takes His Pet Cat And Chicken On Motorcycle Rides Every Single Day

Last year, his pets even tagged along on a 225km journey from Machang, Kelantan to Dungun, Terengganu.

Cover image via Harian Metro

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A man in Kelantan recently went viral for always taking his pet cat and chicken on motorcycle rides

29-year-old Muhammad Amir Mustapa shared with Harian Metro that it is now part of his daily routine to take his beloved pets on motorcycle rides in the evening.

He said that they would follow him wherever he goes.

"Before this, I only brought the cat sightseeing on the motorcycle and I started bringing the chicken along last year."

"When I placed the chicken on the seat behind me, the animal didn't run away and stayed by my side until I stopped the vehicle."

Last year, his pets even tagged along on a 225km journey from Machang, Kelantan to Dungun, Terengganu

He added that the two animals just sat obediently behind him on the bike.

According to Muhammad Amir, a lot of road users would usually question the safety of the animals and whether they would fall and get hit by vehicles. However, he assures that his pets won't run away.

He also said that many people would take photos of him and his pets on their fun rides.

Image via Harian Metro

The man, a true animal lover, has actually adopted more than 400 stray cats over the last four years

They're all placed in a home in Kok Lanas and every two to three days, he would pay them a visit to give them food.

"A lot of the cats I have are strays that were picked up from the streets and I consider them all my children now," he said.

He also mentioned that he signs them up for a local pet fashion competition each year.

"To make sure they're in great condition, I allocate RM1,000 a month to provide food, treatment, shampoo, and also vitamins," the man said.

"There are a number of cats that take turns going on motorcycle rides with me and they will be placed on my shoulder or on the back seat as a passenger."

Image via Harian Metro

There's something just so precious about pets who love hanging around their humans and following them everywhere:

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