This Grab Rider Brings His Cats Along To Deliver Food And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

Did someone order food with a side of cuteness?

Cover image via Twitter @nadiaafauzii

A Grab rider recently went viral for taking his cats to work with him on a motorcycle

On Thursday, 11 June, Twitter user @nadiaafauzii uploaded photos of a Grab rider's peculiar motorcycle.

Unlike other delivery riders, the man had a small cage fastened on the saddle of his bike. There were two adorable cats inside and the cage was secured right in front of GrabFood's signature green delivery bag.

The photos were captioned, "I asked this Grab rider why did he bring cats with him. He said that he just wanted to take them out for a spin."

Someone who knew the rider personally explained that he just doesn't like to leave his cats at home

Since it was first posted, the tweet has garnered over 17,400 retweets and 27,700 likes.

After the post started circulating on social media, one man came forward and said that he knew the rider personally.

He replied to the tweet, "By the way, that is my friend's cat. He doesn't like to leave his cats at home. They get lonely, he said."

Meanwhile, netizens can't get over how adorable the cats are

"So cute," wrote one Twitter user.

Another netizen replied, "Don't touch me, I might cry."

And this meme right here truly captures how all of us feel looking at the little kitties:

Check out this little floof who also likes following her human to work:

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