[PHOTOS] This Singaporean Created 'Identification Cards' For Pets To Prevent Missing Cases

Pets NRIC is the latest trending pet tag. :p

Cover image via Pets NRIC/Facebook

Pets NRIC founder Victoria invented a new version of pet tags, inspired by Singapore's identification cards

Victoria created Pets NRIC last month after she almost lost her doggo last Christmas eve.

The company she founded customises national registration identity cards (NRIC) and 'running licences' for pets.

Pets NRIC founder, Victoria.

Image via Pets NRIC/Facebook

From the pet's name to its breed, date of birth, place of birth, sex, owner's phone number, and a personal message - all of them are customisable

Both cards resemble the human's version of NRIC and driving licence. 

They come in the same colours and even have the 'Republic Of Singaporeheader or Singapore's coat of arms.

However, the cards are not real or hold any official significance

They are meant to be a card to hang on your pet's collar so that if your pet ever goes missing, the person who finds it can call the number stated on the card.

"We create ID DOG TAG for your pets for the fun and cuteness. To prevent puppies from getting lost. This is a DOG TAG, not for human (sic)," the company's Facebook page says.

To add a level of realism, the customised running licences have different classes to determine where the furballs can run without a leash

Here are the details of five different classes of running licences:

In a Facebook post last night, 3 March, Victoria explained the reason she founded the company

She said the service is dedicated to owners who love their pets or any animals.

"I lost my dog on Christmas eve 2019," Victoria related, "I was under the rain looking for it when everyone was counting down to Christmas. I understand the pain and stress when a pet goes missing!"

Fortunately, Victoria managed to find her dog two days later thanks to a kind stranger who brought the dog to a police station.

It was because of the encounter she created the service to protect pets from going missing without a phone number attached to them.

The card costs SGD40 (RM120) each and it can be purchased from the Facebook page

The price is inclusive of the courier fee, which will take about three to five days before it reaches your front door.

You can find out more here.

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