Ain't No Coronavirus Can Stop This Beaming Doggo From Going On An Adventure With Its Human

This is the cutest thing you will see today.

Cover image via Eugenia Clara/Facebook

This doggo does not have a single care in the world for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, as long as it gets some adventure time with its human

This beaming Pomeranian inside a pet carrier bag was spotted by Facebook user Eugenia Clara at Farrer Park MRT station, Singapore at 8.20pm on Monday, 17 February.

"Headed home by train on Monday night and got greeted by the smiling backpack," Eugenia shared to a Facebook group called Dogspotting

The photos showed a face mask-wearing man walking briskly while the Pomeranian enjoyed the ride behind.

Speaking to SAYS, Eugenia said she was overjoyed when she saw a man carrying the bag as a lot of famous cats on Instagram use the same bag too. Thus, she assumed it was a cat before walking closer to find out that she was wrong.

"The animal was poking its nose from the side mesh pocket window," Eugenia said.

"Then when I got closer, it turned its head to me - and that's when I realised it's a pom dog!"

Eugenia believed that it was her burst of excitement and dancing with a bright blue bottle in her hand that got the doggo's attention

"And ya, I just whipped my phone and continue to take as (many) photos as I can. At that time, I was just less than a metre away from the man."

She then uploaded the photos to Facebook and the next thing she knew, the post blew up with thousands of netizens gawking at the Pomeranian in pure bliss.

Eugenia assured that the bag is safe for the Pomeranian as it has ample breathing holes and that the doggo did not seem to be in distress.

At the time of writing, the post has been liked by over 24,000 dog lovers, with more than 3,000 comments

"THIS IS IMPORTANT NEWS!" exclaimed a netizen as she showed the post to her friends.

Image via Facebook

"I'm actually screaming," said another person.

Image via Facebook

"Omg, the bag of floff and cute," commented an elated Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"Such a happy backpack," a netizen remarked.

Image via Facebook

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