Man Took A Week To Build Doraemon. His Cat Destroyed It In Seconds.

"Luckily you're cute, otherwise you would be dead already."

Cover image via ภูมิมัย พรทอง/Facebook

A toy vendor from Thailand took to Facebook to vent his frustrations when his cat knocked down a Doraemon collectible he kept safely at home

"Feeling annoyed," he shared in a post on Friday, 27 December.

"It took me a week to put together!"

Apparently, he has had the Doraemon figurine assembled for awhile now

Armed with a beer, he completed the 4,500-piece figurine in March and only recently found a buyer.

He wrote that the customer wanted to collect it just before the new year.

Unfortunately for him, his efforts were undone by his cat just days before he was to hand it over

From the pictures he posted, it appears that his cat had knocked the figurine onto the ground and did not seem the least guilty about it.

"Damn cat! My 4,500 figurine is broken in pieces!" he wrote, "I will kill you!"

However, fret not, it seems the owner has already forgiven the frisky feline

Thankfully for the cat, his owner was only joking.

Either way, the cat showed no remorse.

Always quick to action, the Malaysian Twitterverse have already jumped on the adorable photos

Twitter user @UvuvwevwevOssas reposted the pictures with his own caption, "Luckily you're cute, otherwise you would be dead already."

The tweet has garnered over 66,000 retweets with countless people fawning over the naughty but easily-forgivable cat.

This Twitter user replied that the cat must not have liked Doraemon in the house, who is technically also a cat (a blue Japanese robot cat, to be precise).

This user also imagined the cat going, "Take that for replacing me with another!"

"I didn't do anything," this netizen wrote while picturing the playful kitty.

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