Twitter Flooded With Photos Of Black Cats After They Get Called Not 'Instagram-Friendly'

"Shush and read. Black cats are amazing little voids that are adorable and want chicken."

Cover image via Twitter @jaffathecake & Twitter @vitaemortis21

Black cat owners on Twitter came through when an account recently pointed out the ridiculous reason why black cats are less likely to be adopted

"Black cats have become less popular as adopted pets, in part because they are seen as less Instagram-friendly than other cats," shared Quite Interesting, the team behind BBC's television series, QI.

According to Telegraph, it has been proven by RSPCA that it is more difficult to find a home for a black or a black and white cat.

''On average it takes thirty days or more to rehome a black or black and white cat," said an RSPCA spokesperson.

''This is compared to a ginger cat which takes an average of twenty days to rehome."

A general manager of a rescue centre in England did blame Instagram culture for this phenomenon. She commented that it was indeed unfortunate that black cats do not look as good and is harder to see in a picture.

But Twitter was not having it, and brought out the most adorable photos to prove otherwise

The tweet has since garnered over 3,800 replies from people sharing pictures of their gorgeous, and definitely Instagrammable, black cats.

"Lies," this Twitter user curtly replied, while showing off his absolutely photogenic felines

"Look at him! He is beautiful!" exclaimed this loyal slave

"But why?!" another user wondered

This Twitter user called everyone to "embrace the darkness"

In typical cat owner fashion, many blamed their own inferior photo-taking skills, and not their majestic felines

"I disagree with the sentiment entirely. Frosty, my beautiful nine-year-old baby, isn't difficult to take pictures of, I just lack the ability to capture her in her full glory," said this Twitter user.

"That is totally unfair," said this user in defense, "It's not the cat's fault that their potential owners can't take a decent picture. Our household panther features beautifully on Instagram."

Image via Twitter @nycdeb

Some cat owners also shared how they figured out better ways to capture their cats in full glory

"Honestly, black cats in sunlight make for beautiful pictures," said this cat owner.

While this user figured out that blacks cats are "highly photogenic and look better in most accessories".

"It took me ages to figure out how to photograph my grand kitty, dear sweet Moosers," said this user, but she still loves her cat despite having its nose and mouth constantly disappear in photos.

Hopefully these pictures managed to convince people who are on the fence about adopting a black cat

As RSPCA scientific officer Dr Jane Tyson told Telegraph, "Black cats won't bring you good luck or bad luck but they do need forever homes. If you can bring some magic into their lives they are sure to bring some love into yours."

''Their fur colour makes no difference to how much love they have to give."

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