This Bangkok Street Cleaner Brings Her Dog To Work Every Day And It Makes People So Happy

Meet Mazda, a furry black and white shih tzu-poodle mix puppy who has made her owner famous on the Internet.

Cover image via บิ๊กเกรียน/Facebook & Reuters/AsiaOne

First, there was Jub Jib.

Now, meet Mazda: a furry black and white shih tzu-poodle mix puppy!

A street cleaner in Bangkok, Thailand has tails wagging on the Internet for one adorable reason - she brings her puppy to work with her every day!

The Smart Local Thailand identified the owner as Thitirat Keawaram.

Thitirat had asked her boyfriend for a puppy, but he agreed only on the condition that she brought Mazda along to work

Image via Reuters/AsiaOne

"I asked my boyfriend to buy me a dog to keep me company," the 28-year-old told Reuters.

"My boyfriend agreed under the condition that I bring it to work."

Image via Reuters/AsiaOne

Mazda weighs roughly 10kg, but Thitirat does not seem bothered by the weight.

Mazda even has her own raincoat to keep her dry when it rains

We hope Mazda and Thitirat has more fun days at work!

Meanwhile, some kilometres away from Mazda and her owner lives the world's cutest durian orchard farmer:

Every office should allow pets, to be honest: