The World's Cutest Durian Orchard Farmer Is A Dog Named Jub Jib

Jub Jib the golden retriever has been working at a durian orchard in Chanthaburi, Thailand since 2014.

Cover image via Jub Jib Durian/Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

Meet Jub Jib, a golden retriever who could very well be the world's cutest durian orchard farmer

Since 2014, Jub Jib has been 'working' at a durian orchard in Chanthaburi, Thailand...

... and she's still working there 'til today!

In response to several curious fans, Jub Jib says she owns eight different hats. She rotates her wardrobe every day.

On some days, she checks on the quality of the harvest

On other days, she acts as the orchard's adorably thorny ambassador!

But when it's not harvest season, she diligently washes cars instead

"Even if the durian runs out, Jub Jib is never unemployed. Can hire me to wash cars," one of the posts read.

Don't worry though - Jub Jib also gets plenty of rest and relaxation too

Jub Jib spends her days with her younger sibling - who is a slacker and does not contribute to the orchard, their owner says. :p

Here's a bonus photo of Jub Jib all set to save the world as 'Sailor Woof'

What a diligent doggo!

The famous 'Emperor Cat' in Vietnam may just have a competitor:

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