Dog Sleeps Peacefully While Staged Armed Robbery Occurs Around It


Cover image via นุงลัคกี้ ไซบิเรียนเซินเจิ้น (Facebook)

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This is Lucky

Lucky is a Siberian husky who has stolen hearts on the Internet after she was recently captured sleeping peacefully throughout a 'robbery' in Thailand

Bored Panda wrote that a jewellery store owner decided to conduct a security test.

In a 32-second closed-circuit television (CCTV) video on 16 February, a 'robber' is seen approaching the store owner with a gun.

During the training exercise, the 'thief' appears to threaten the owner, who ends up giving him a bag of what seems to be cash

What was the 'floof' ball doing during the entire time? Taking a nap... unfazed.

But it wasn't really her fault.

The store owner, Worawut Lomwanawong, told Bored Panda that the 'robber' was actually a Thai police officer dressed in plain clothes.

He said that his dog is usually quite active and obedient when he tells her to do something. However, he couldn't signal to her during the staged incident because he had to remain calm.

Worawut added that perhaps Lucky didn't bother to budge either because she recognises the police officer.

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"[In] my opinion, I think she understands the human language. She is mostly active and very compliant if I make some noise or ask her to do something," Worawut said.

"The policeman that was in the video took the role of a 'robber', but I think Lucky recognised him because he comes in and checks my store every day, as the police patrols the area."

It appears that Lucky loves to sleep. Several other photos capture the adorable husky often enjoying her afternoon naps.

Lucky used to be a stray before she was rescued by her owner seven years ago.

According to Bored Panda, he first found her outside a nearby convenience store and discovered that she had a tick-borne disease and venereal granuloma. Under Worawut's care, she eventually recovered.

The staged robbery video has been since shared over 5,600 times. You can watch it here:

Nothing can stand in the way between naps and these other guys:

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