Boy Who Fell Asleep On Cicak By Accident Ends Up With Perfect Cheek Imprint


Cover image via @menlin_fitri (Twitter)

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You know you've had the best nap of your life when you wake up to sleep wrinkles

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Thyroid UK

Naps are life. They are everything. 

While most get sleep lines from clothes, pillowcases, or sleeping in a weird position, one kid was accidentally left with an imprint of a cicak

On 21 February, Twitter user @menlin_fitri tweeted two photos of a kid in Taiwan, who apparently fell asleep on a lizard while doing his homework.

Her tweet has since blown up, as people were amused by the whole thing and slightly grossed out.

Image via Twitter

Here's a closer look at the kid looking utterly unamused:

And the cicak. RIP.

Not sure who I feel worse for: the cicak or the boy.

But I hope you'll able to sleep it off, child. Or maybe don't. 

Kids do the funniest things sometimes:

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