This Cheeky Boy's Reaction After Splashing Water On His Classmate Is Priceless


Cover image via Reddit u/skrrta7

Kids are the best. They say what they mean and they do what they want – most times, without thinking twice.

Like this little boy who cheekily broke the rules during a water game.

This is how the game goes.

While sitting in a row, each kid tosses water from their bucket to their friend who collects it from behind them.

This continues on until the last person tosses the water into an empty bucket located at the end of the line.

The aim of the game is to fill the bucket at the back as fast as possible to beat your opponents - obviously getting a little wet along the way.

This is how you should play the game:

However, one mischievous boy had a different mission in mind and decided to forgo all rules by drenching his friend

Instead of tossing the water to the person behind him, the boy stood up, walked over to another kid, and poured his bucket of water all over the poor soul.

Reddit user u/skrrta7 shared a video of the whole incident yesterday, 18 August, which has since received over 8,500 upvotes.

You could even spot 'teachers' in the background running to stop him... but nothing and no one could stand in this kid's way.

His face after? Pure joy.

Without a hint of remorse, the boy was seen being told to sit back down in his original spot while he continued to giggle.

Redditors were left in stitches after watching the video

Little rascal made my Monday.

You can watch the video below:

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