Watching This 7-Year-Old Girl Playing Tug-Of-War Is The Kind Of Motivation We All Need

Do it with passion or not at all.

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Meet Premruedee Poltree, a seven-year-old Thai girl who showed us that hard work truly pays off

Premruedee quickly rose to Internet fame when she was captured on video giving her all during a tug-of-war competition at school

Two video clips of her and her teammates went viral with over 134,000 shares on Facebook and 88,000 retweets on Twitter since they were posted on 19 July by Kritsana Thongkaew.

Here, she's seen with puffed up cheeks, feet digging into the ground, and best of all... a die-hard attitude

While some of her other teammates seemed to have looked a lot more chilled, Premruedee was seen yanking the rope with every ounce of strength within her

A shot of her teammate at the end of the rope was also an exemplary role model of the famous quote, "Never give up even when the road is hard."

If I was stuck hanging off a cliff, I'd want these girls to save me.

The effort clearly paid off as Premruedee and her team took home the winning prize

According to Bangkok Post, Premruedee explained why she had such a serious face during the game.

"I intended to show our rivals that my team was serious about winning."

You're definitely gonna get far in life, kid

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Watch the video clips of the battle and be inspired:

Posted by Kritsana Thongkaew on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Posted by Kritsana Thongkaew on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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