15 Types Of Travel Kakis You'll Think Twice About Ajak-ing On Your Next Holiday

The one who must take a picture of every meal.

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Whether we're on a trip with friends or family, we've all encountered certain people who make travelling a whole lot more 'interesting'

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Here are some of the types of people we've all gone on holiday with at some point:

1. The one who always overpacks and gets stopped at the airport check-in counter

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2. The one who doesn't give input during the planning but complains throughout the trip

It's too hot. It's too cold. It's too far.

3. The one who must take a selfie with everything and anything

Doesn't matter if it's the 12th temple you visited that day or standing in the hotel 
elevator, the selfie-taker will never fail to whip out the camera.

At least, you never need to worry about taking pictures.

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4. The one who can literally sleep anywhere

5. The one who is always cheapskate about everything

There is budget travelling and then there is cheapskate.

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6. The one who must take photos of every meal for their Instastories

Same meal, different angle.

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7. Then there is the one who can only stay in atas places

Nothing wrong with living a little lavishly as long as everyone is on the same wavelength as you. 

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8. The one who is always late for everything

When you barely make it in time to catch the flight or the tour because that one person always makes the rest of the group wait.

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9. The one who researches every top restaurant and tourist site to visit and then ends up not going

"We should go to that place for dinner! It has so many good reviews!"

"Ok let's go."

"Um.. never mind lah. Y'all go ahead."


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10. The one who wakes up at the break of dawn and expects everyone to wake up too

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11. ... or the one who never sleeps

"Let's go explore the city tonight!"

"Um, it's 2am..."

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12. The one who constantly works throughout the trip

13. The one who snores so loudly that the rest never get to sleep

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14. The one who is super picky about the food

Even when we let them pick the restaurant, they complain about the meal. *face palm*

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15. The one who decides on everything and never asks for other people's opinion

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Have you travelled with anyone who does any of the above? We dare you to tag that person in the comments below! :p

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