10 Interesting Things Your Superstitious Friend Does When You’re Travelling Together

We all have that one friend whom we’re secretly grateful for.

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1. Not all dates are travel-friendly for them

There are days when you travel, and there are days when you should just stay home.

2. They'll look away if you have to drive past a cemetery

Because it's bad luck to look at one and well... they don't want to accidentally see 'something'.

3. If the receptionist gives them a room on the 13th or 14th floor, they’ll request for another one

You friend will be like...

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4. They also don't like the room to have the number '4'

'cause '4' is unlucky ma...

5. They also don't like rooms at the end of the hall

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We have to admit, the last room looks kinda creepy.

6. They’ll always knock on the hotel room door before entering

Just in case there's 'something' inside, you know? It's all about being polite, even if the 'thing' may not be human, or alive...

7. They'll mess up the shoes in the room

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There are two versions to this superstition: one says that it's to prevent spirits from possessing you through your shoes; the other says that it's to prevent spirits from entering the room.

When in doubt, just ask your friend why he or she is doing this.

8. They'll make sure that the extra bed is either occupied with bags, or have messy sheets

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Claim all the beds! Leave no bed untouched! They're doing this to tell the spirits that all beds are taken.

As for us, we really pity the housekeeping staff...

9. They'll 'chop' the bed that is furthest from the mirror

We totally get this. Superstitions aside, our I-just-woke-up face looks pretty scary too.

10. The next thing they'll do is to flush the toilet

To flush all the negative energy out, they say.

Though we sometimes find their habits annoying, we're secretly thankful for this friend

Admit it lah, you’re actually secretly scared of ghosts wan. Without them, who else is there to protect you from the other world?

Know of any other travel superstitions? Share it with us in the comment section!

Speaking of those 'things'...

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