Ipoh Listed Among Top 3 Best Coffee Towns In Asia By Lonely Planet

Out of 35 countries worldwide, Ipoh was named one of the top three spots for coffee in Asia.

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For all you coffee-lovers out there, Malaysia has "made it"! Ipoh has been named as one of the top three best coffee spots in Asia by Lonely Planet.

I mean, how can we resist this cup of goodness?

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International travel authority, Lonely Planet worked with coffee-obsessed travel writers and journalists who went on a mission to discover the finest cafes, espresso bars, roasteries and plantations in more than 35 countries around the world...

... and our famous Ipoh white coffee successfully made the cut!

"Ipoh’s signature white coffee is famously hot, sweet and almost buttery in taste," as stated in the Lonely Planet's Global Coffee Tour book that's packed with 150 coffee experiences, some of which include those from East Africa, to Cuba, and right down to Australia's cafes.

"For the authentic stuff, Sin Yoon Loong is adored for following the traditional recipe," the book recommended.

The second place listed as the best coffee spot is Chiang Mai, a mountainous city in northern Thailand

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Coffee stalls can often be spotted on almost every street corner here.

What's even more incredible is that their beans are produced from their very own local coffee farms.

"Thailand’s northern city of temples has exploded with coffee shops, many having the added bonus of serving single-origin roasts grown within just an hour or two of the coffee shop itself."

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Besides being one of the largest cities in the world and known for pioneering quirky fashion trends, Tokyo, Japan has also been named as one of the top three cities with the best coffee in Asia

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"Japan has always embraced new trends, and coffee is no exception. Its capital is the place to go for the highest proliferation of third wave-style coffee shops, but be sure to round out your education with a visit to a traditional kissaten (tea-drinking shop)."

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With Vietnam's drip coffee and Indonesia's signature kopi luwak (civet poop coffee), it’s undeniable that we Asians love having our coffee fix

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Where is your favourite spot to get your coffee? Share with us in the comments!

Ipoh white coffee seems to be making a name for itself in New York too:

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