Neymar’s Talent For Non-Stop Rolling Has Turned Him Into A Meme Icon Of The WC

Some say he is still rolling this very minute.

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Neymar is pretty good at football

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He has lightning-quick feet capable of leaving a trail of defenders behind him, serves a solid kicker from outside the box, and feeds accurate passes to his hungry teammates for set pieces.

He proved his worth again in Brazil's 2-0 victory over the Mexicans yesterday. The 26-year-old scored the first goal, which he celebrated with the classic "silence to all haters" finger over the lip, and assisted the second.

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But Neymar didn't just dazzle the 40,000 strong crowd at Samera Arena with his flamboyant boyish charm and footwork.

He also put up the kind of performance worthy of a Razzie (look it up, it's kinda like the Oscars).

Here's what happened: Mexico's Miguel Layun stepped on Neymar's right ankle with roughly 20 minutes remaining in the contest. It probably hurt, no question, like enough for you to hurl out profanities.

But Neymar's reaction was really over the top - even by his standards. 

With such mouthwatering material presented, you can always trust the folks on social media to ascend Neymar to meme immortality. Here are some of the best ones we've seen:

Handle with care!

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Well deserved!

Anakku, sponsor him please

Parenting, basically

#1, thanks for asking

The family that rolls together, stays together

We've saved the best for last. Please do yourself a favour and watch this with sound on.

Stay classy, Neymar!

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