Fans Of Other Nations Are Following Japan's Act Of Cleaning Up After World Cup Matches

A new tradition.

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The Japanese had all the reasons to go wild on Tuesday, 19 June. After all, their side had just won 2-1 against South American favourites Colombia.

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But right after the final whistle, Japanese fans replicated what they did four years ago in Brazil: meticulously cleaning up their rows and seats in the stadium.

Maybe it has become customary or even expected of them to live up to such high social standards. However, it appears this positive trait has been picked up by fans of other nations.

Photos circulating online showed Colombian fans, clothed in bright yellow, cleaning up their seats with blue plastic bags the Japanese had brought along with them to the match.

While the loss no doubt has left a bitter taste in their mouths, they were gracious enough to help out. 

Senegal fans also took upon themselves to clean up after their win against Poland

SoraNews24 reported that they continued with the practice alongside the Japanese after a 2-2 draw on Sunday, 24 June. 

What's even more inspiring is that this new tradition is not only confined to games in which the Blue Samurai plays

The Uruguay-Saudi Arabia match last Wednesday, 20 June, saw fans from both camps marching along through the rows to pick up rubbish. 

The Japanese' high regard for cleanliness and discipline is a habit ingrained in them from childhood, and they make sure it is practised at home or abroad

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"Cleaning up after football matches is an extension of basic behaviours that are taught in school, where the children clean their school classrooms and hallways," Scott North, professor of sociology at Osaka University, told BBC.

"With constant reminders throughout childhood, these behaviours become habits for much of the population."

Kudos to the Japanese for leading by example!

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