[VIDEO] Japanese Fans Stayed Back After World Cup Match To Pick Up Trash

Class act.

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The Japanese have once again proved to the world that they are a people with high regard for civic sense

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After the Blue Samurai's achievement of being the first Asian country to beat a South American side in a World Cup match on 19 June, fans celebrated in style by tidying their surroundings

A tweet shows a video panning over Japanese fans picking up and disposing trash into plastic bags donned in a shade of blue similar to the Blue Samurai's signature kit. 

And we're sure the fans were cleaning up with wide grins on their faces

Japan's Shinji Kagawa celebrates his first-half goal against Colombia.

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In the match where odds were heavily stacked against the island nation, the Japanese took advantage of Colombia's 10-man squad after defender Carlos Sanchez earned the first red card of Russia 2018 World Cup for a blatant handball.

Former Manchester United striker Shinji Kagawa scored the resulting penalty. The Colombians squeezed in an equaliser with a free kick by Juan Quintero minutes before the half-time break.

28-year-old Yuya Osako secured the vital three points for Akira Nishino's side after scoring a winner in the 73rd minute.

While things were less celebratory for the Japanese four years ago in Brazil due to a mediocre outing by the national team, fans held up to their reputation of good behaviour

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After a 2-1 defeat to Ivory Coast, Japanese spectators showed it is possible to lose graciously as they stayed behind to help clean up. 

It appears the Japanese weren't the only ones who stayed back to tidy up in Russia. Some Senegal supporters also opted to help out following their 2-1 win over Poland.

Videos capturing the supporters collecting litter have been circulating online after Senegal's win against Poland in a Group H match. With the victory over the European nation, Senegal joins Japan in the top with three points. 

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