Please Enjoy This Video Of A Rubber Chicken Performing 'Canon In D'

What did we do to deserve this.

Cover image via TwoSetViolin

The humble yellow and red rubber chicken is not unfamiliar to Malaysians

Image via Ethan Castell

These guys are everywhere: sold in toy shops and random pasar malam stalls while making appearances at political rallies for obvious reasons

Image via Cilisos

But the startled-looking, perpetually open-mouthed bird has talents apart from being an unconventional political mascot.

It's also capable of churning out sweet, sweet music – as demonstrated by the duo behind TwoSetViolin.

Image via TwoSetViolin

The two-minute-long video posted on YouTube starts off with Eddy Chen, one half of the duo, squeezing the plastic fowl to Johann Pachelbel’s famous Canon In D while wearing a deadpan expression.

More layers are slowly added, creating a gradual crescendo in the brilliant rendition of a classical masterpiece

Image via TwoSetViolin

And it happens.

The number peaks and we find ourselves in awe, almost spellbound by what could possibly be the most significant piece of music after Charlie Puth's See You Again.

Image via TwoSetViolin

This comment sums up the entire experience:

Image via

Watch and weep, ladies and gentlemen

Sadly, not all chickens are created equal. Just look at the humiliation these birds had to go through even in their poultry afterlives:

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