People Are Protesting Against Daiso, Mr. DIY, & ECO But It's Not For The Reason You Think

How disappointing indeed.

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You know you're Malaysian when you go all out to find a good bargain every now and then...

...which is probably why budget shops like Daiso and Mr. D.I.Y. have branches all over the country sucking up all our money.

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One customer took to Facebook to warn the public about how "dangerous" these particular stores are

Her post, which was uploaded on Facebook, was met with an "uproar" from netizens agreeing with her and "protesting" about shops like Daiso, Mr. D.I.Y., and ECO-Shop.

She begins her PSA by saying how she innocently walked into an ECO-Shop recently to buy a container to keep her kid's toys in

But much to her dismay, she ended up walking out of the shop with colour pencils, bathroom shelves, colouring books, and snacks instead!

She went on to ask if anyone else had been in the same position as her before and was met with thousands of netizens sharing their own similar "personal shopping struggles" at these budget stores.

One "annoyed" customer shared about how she went into Daiso wanting to buy batteries but walked out with curtains

Another "disappointed" customer said she wanted to buy a sink filter, but came out of Mr. D.I.Y. with three bags of bowls, a tool box, wooden rice spoon, a makeup bag, and plastic cups that were too cute to resist

Daylight robbery, I tell you.

Since then, more and more customers have continued to relay their own shopping "pain" with her

Some even started to believe that the stores are able to cast "shopping spells" on people making them buy stuff they don't need

"I went in wanting to buy 2-3 items but ended up walking out with 2-3 BAGS of stuff."

So, take note of these shops, guys. And guard your wallets.

P.S. Please don't take this too seriously. It's all in good fun. We really do LOVE our budget shopping sprees :)

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