This Woman Cleverly Recreates Celebrity Outfits With Food Like Mee Hoon And Keropok

Wow. So fashion.

Cover image via Framsook Lek Lek/Facebook

When it comes to high fashion, it seems like the weirder the outfit, the higher chances people will talk about it

One Thai woman takes fashion parody to the next level starting off with this eye-catching prawn cracker dress

"Now watch me crack, watch me nae nae."

Sine Benjaphornn, also known as framsook lek lek on Instagram first started recreating celebrity outfits as a way to promote her clothing store, as told by Telegraph.

Since then, her creative designs have made her increasingly popular.

Seaweed hair extensions cos waiting for your hair to grow out is just so overrated.

What Rihanna could do, she could do better... for half the price

No money? Make it yourself with cough syrup, fish sauce, tin foil, or whatever else you can find in your house.

Yes, the dress is indeed outlined with the steel wool your mother uses in the kitchen to scrape the kuali dirt off

She even turned some of the metal scrub into jewelry and a chap fun Styrofoam box into a clutch.


... and if she ever got hungry, this skirt allowed her to pluck off some lettuce to munch on

No bag? No worries. Grab a stainless steel pot.

We gotta say, this haute couture enokitake mushroom outfit is growing on us

Who would've thought mushrooms could make for such a fab red carpet outfit?

Just look at those ham slices she used to replicate Rihanna's Met Gala outfit last year

Tasty tasty.

And the most creative award goes to...

Gotta love her humour.

Seriously, someone put her on the front cover of Vogue already

High fashion. Low budget.

If you were ever curious, she even gives us a breakdown on the cost of this outfit (in Thai Baht of course) :D

Are those dried cuttlefish earrings, we see? 

Ain't no Victoria Secret model can beat this Nescafe angel

Spread your 3-in-1 wings and fly, baby. :D

If Belle from Beauty and the Beast wore a durian dress instead, our childhood fairytale may have had a very different ending

This mee hoon outfit replicating Thai actress Araya Chompoo's dress at last year's Cannes Film Festival is just too epic

Preggers and all, we gotta give this woman a high-five for effort, man!

When stores don't have your size, she showed us that you can make do with a garden hose

Who says "big girls" can't look good too?

Image via Facebook

We know who'll always get invited to BBQ parties

Always prepared for a party. Literally.

We gotta say this outfit actually looks pretty legit

Ermahgerd lap cheong tie, yes please.

Why have cleavage when you can have durians?

Teehee. :P

This Thai dancer's outfit she created was made out of fried fish, shuttlecocks, chocolate wafers, and keropok

That fried fish though.

Who knew satay and salted eggs make for the perfect tasty head gear

Now all she needs is some kacang sauce to go with it!

While you're at it, check out these "high-fashion" items that look like stuff we can get from the pasar malam:

Or we can find in our mother's kitchen:

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