Calvin Klein Is Selling Your Mum's Dishwashing Gloves For RM1,500


Cover image via SSENSE / mBuyy

Have you ever looked down at your gloved hands while doing dishes and thought to yourself, "Damn, when's a fashion house gonna make an overpriced version of these bad boys?"

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Thank the fashion gods you asked! Today is your lucky day, my fellow friends. Calvin Klein, the brand synonymous with topless male celebs strutting their junk in white boxers, has released their take on the humble dishwashing gloves.

Image via SSENSE

Made of 100% synthetic rubber in rose pink hue, the full-length gloves sport a white CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC motif on the cuffs, the only thing that differentiates these gloves apart from the ones in your kitchen.

Image via SSENSE

It's CK-branded and all, but they look just like the gloves our mums use for dishwashing. Here's a side-by-side comparison:

Image via SSENSE / mBuyy

But hey, if you're interested, we won't judge. You can head over to SSENSE to get your very own pair for only USD390 (around RM1,500).

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How about an expensive sarong to match?

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