Zara Is Selling Your Grandfather's Sarong For Almost RM400


Cover image via Zara / Wikipedia

Last year, we had a good hard laugh at Gucci's high-fashion interpretation of our dirty school shoes. Now, popular fast fashion brand Zara has introduced a skirt that looks pretty darn close to a sarong.

Image via Zara

On its UK website, Zara calls the garment a "check mini skirt", which bears an uncanny resemblance to the sarong. Also known as pelikat, the garment is a preferred outfit for largely men, but is also sported by women at times. 

Don't expect to pick up this "elevated" version for cheap

Image via Zara

Zara's sarong retails at GBP69.99 (around RM382). That's pretty crazy considering how you can pick up a similar-looking sarong for less than RM20 at any pasar malam.

We seriously can't tell the difference between Zara's version and the sarong our grandfathers wear

Even the pleated part looks similar. Come on, Zara. You're not even trying. 

It's not just us – netizens are equally confused too

Image via Facebook

Help us understand fashion. Pls.

Image via Reaction GIFs

It appears that fashion houses have a thing for making expensive versions of cheap things. Why.

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