This Annual Competition In Japan Awards People With A Talent For Flipping Tables

Why chill out, when you can flip out.

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If you need to relieve your stress in a socially accepted "destructive" fashion, this contest is perfect for you

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A shopping mall in Japan recently hosted the 12th World Chabudai-Gaeshi (tea table flipping) Tournament. 

Chabudai Gaeshi is a Japanese phrase that means "flip the chabudai (short-legged table)".

An arcade game for this also exists.

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During this annual event, participants must express whatever their heart desires while upending a small table in front of them

It goes something like this:

The contestant kneels in front of a small table that has some items on it, including a plastic fish on a plate. A woman sitting next to the participant gently places her hand on the contestant's shoulder and says "Stop".

The participant then shouts a phrase of frustration, wish, or anger while vigorously flipping the tiny table that sends the plastic fish flying through the air.

The farther the fish flies, the higher the score you get. The participant is then judged based on the distance the fish travels and his overall performance, according to SoraNews24.

Participants can scream whatever that is on their mind, from wanting a pay raise to frustrations in life

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At the event this year, 37 participants were heard yelling statements such as, "I want a job offer!" and "I deserve a raise!". One man, who was frustrated with women, even yelled "What's wrong with me?"

The winner in this year's competition was Shinhya Chiba, a member of the Iwate Big Bulls Japanese basketball team. 

He sent his fish flying 8.29 meters (27.2 feet) from his position, while he shouted "Go Big Bulls!"

Competition highlights from this year was posted up by Kyodo News in a video that clocked up to 75,000 views since its posting:

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