20 "Humble Brags" Malaysians Are Really, REALLY Tired Of Hearing

Frankly, no one gives a...

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1. How little they care about politics

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PSA: If you've registered as a voter, please go out and vote in GE14!

2. How its been 10 years since they last paid a saman

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Don't be a cheapskate, got discount now so please go pay. 

3. How they know this datuk/KOL/social media influencer

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But do they know you? 

4. How much alcohol they can drink and how difficult it is to get them drunk

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Good to know. Question though: how's your liver doing? 

5. How much money they spent at Zouk last night

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6. How rich or successful their families are

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I mean... Technically it's THEIR success, not yours. So...

7. How they can sleep at 3am but still function the next day

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8. How they lied their way into getting an MC

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9. How fast they drive on the North-South Expressway

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10. Or how fast they drive from KL to Genting

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It's not a competition, guys!

11. Speaking of Genting, we know someone who's always talking about how much of a "high roller" they were while gambling there

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12. How they don't care about getting caught by speed trap cameras

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13. How they don't care about what people think

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Logically speaking, if you don't care about what people think, you wouldn't have to tell people you don't care about what they think right? Right?

14. How life is better overseas because they studied abroad

15. How they didn't study for exams but ended up with all As

16. How often they ponteng sekolah last time

How about now? Got ponteng work or not? 

17. How they discovered this restaurant/cafe/mamak/band before everyone else

18. How busy they are

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Everyone's busy. It's not just you. 

19. How many Friend Requests they haven't approved yet

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20. That airport check-in picture

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"Where to next?" 

Did we miss out on any Malaysian "humble brags"? Let us know in the comment section below!

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