13 Things All Malaysian Drivers Fear When They're On The Road

Number 13. 'Nuff said.

Cover image via Malay Mail Online

1. When you think it's safe to change lanes and a random motorcycle appears out of NOWHERE

Image via SF Gate

2. When someone double parks behind you but doesn't leave their number on the dashboard

Image via Jalan Minaki

You're honking and honking but they're nowhere to be seen!

3. Invisible bumps. WHY DON'T THEY PAINT THE BUMPS?!

4. When you drive behind a trailer packed with tree logs and you think OMG Final Destination

5. Peak hour traffic jams :'(

Image via Hype MY

6. And heavy rain on Friday nights are the WORST! :'((

Image via Tiger Lim

7. That "OMG what did I do" feeling when there's a police roadblock (even though you didn't do anything wrong)

"Did I beat the red light? Speed? Handphone? Seatbelt? Brake lights?"

In the end, the abang say, "Jalan!" PHEWWWW~

8. Two words: Myvi drivers

Image via OH AWAN

Need we say more?

9. When you get the WhatsApp message that "Petrol price naik again"

Image via Astro Awani

10. When you see an animal by the roadside and you pray that it doesn't dash across the road

Image via Imgur

11. Scraping your car's undercarriage on a super high bump cries

"KREEEEAAKKKK" heartbreak

12. When you’re driving alone in the middle of the night and you’re just paranoid that a hantu will appear

Image via 8Tracks

13. When your mum screams "BRAKE! BRAKEEEE!"

Even though the car in front of you is two football fields away. 

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