13 Things Only Subang's College Or Uni Students Can Relate To

Not ALL of us are "rich".

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1. Champions of double parking

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It's still (barely) acceptable if these double-parkers leave their phone number on their dashboard. 

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2. But for the ones who just park their car without any way to contact them...

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3. Most of the time, we're forced to double park because finding a parking spot in SS15 is harder than finishing our assignments last minute

4. If we don't double park, we have other ways to get parking spots instead

We've all done this before.

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5. We'd rather wait for a parking spot than get saman from the very effective MPSJ

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Some of us have parked illegally to make it to a two-hour lecture, only to come back to our cars either getting clamped or saman. :( 

6. Why are we ALWAYS in SS15? For food, of course!

Uncle Soon's fried rice :')

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Uncle Lim's fried chicken!

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7. After dinner, you'll definitely see groups of students in either Oregi, Tryst, or Silva's

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8. Let's not forget about the row(s) of restaurants right outside Sunway University!

Too many memories here.

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There's always a LONG queue outside this shop.

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9. But to get there, we have to go through the mother of all roundabouts

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Our stress levels are always super high when we reach this roundabout, ESPECIALLY around the time Sri KL students finish school!

Legend has it that if you can get through this roundabout without a driving license, you've already earned a driving license.

10. Speaking of driving, everyone always thinks Taylor's students are the ones with the fanciest cars and go to clubs the most

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There's even a thread on Lowyat forum where a student tried to clear up the stereotypes of Taylor's students!

11. Apparently, Sunway's students are slapped with the same stereotype too

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There's also a thread on Lowyat forum about this, but it was posted back in 2010.

However, someone actually took the time to list down commons stereotypes of students from some universities, and here are what Sunway and Taylor's students got:

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12. Of course there are rich kids in Monash University as well, but they're often labelled as nerds with a lot of stress

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13. INTI students, however, have been called "people who are not rich enough for Taylor's or Sunway"

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What else do you think college/uni students in Subang experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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