16 Things You'll Definitely Relate To If You Went To A Public Uni

Don't you already miss your uni days?

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1. Cold water shower because water heater 404 not found

It gets worse when you have 8am class and it rains in the morning. Sejuk gila babi.

Shower tip: Always use your feet to test the coldness of the water first.

2. That one friend who memorise the bus schedules better than his/her subjects

It's like having a human Waze but shuttle bus version.

3. Food is the reason why you go broke EVERY WEEK

But people will say, "budak2 uni sekarang beli iPhone mahal2 pastu complain takde duit." 

4. "Eh you must study hard in your first year or else it'll affect your pointer forever"

5. But at the same time, it's a must for you to join all these college events

Aiyo, you want me to study or go event now? 

6. ... So you have no choice but to join loh

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If don't join will get kicked out of college. Gila tak nak join.

7. We get visits from our 'friends' and 'family' all the time - monkeys

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Sometimes, your 'friends' will steal your food and chase you for no reason. Let's not forget, Mr Vavi too, who occasionally drop by to "oink" at you.

8. If you want to kaypoh and find out who has a crush on someone (or you), look no further than these pages:

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9. You’re early if you arrive at 8am for an 8am class

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No, the class is not cancelled. Everyone else is on the way.

10. Week 13 and 14 makes you want to pull your hair out because asdfghjkl

It's impossible to get 8 hours of sleep. IMPOSSIBLE.

11. You'll hear whispers of "Eh, nama penuh lecturer apa?" during every final exam for every paper

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12. "Nama diberi xxx, calon nombor satu," K bye, next please

Image via KL Chronicle

Some people treat campus elections like it's life and death, while others just don't care about it at all.

13. If we criticise our university, okay can. But if outsiders start criticising our university, then...

Image via Russell Peters

14. There's always that one friend who's sole purpose of entering uni is to cari jodoh

Image via Apis V2

15. But in the end, no 'jodoh' to be found

Image via Huffington Post

Padan muka kau.

16. Most importantly, there are two moments that we will never ever forget - the look on our parents' face on our first day of university and on graduation day

Did you go to a public uni? Share your most memorable experiences with us below!

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