20 Stages Malaysians Go Through When It’s Time To Look For Parking In A Crowded Mall

Your weekend horror story.

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1. You know it's gonna be super risky to visit the mall on a weekend (especially in the Klang Valley)

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But where else can I go?

2. You're already planning and strategising your entrance

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Should I go in from B1? or B2? Hmm... maybe I should just go all the way up to the rooftop. Or the basement?

3. You take a quick glance at the parking indicator board

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Still got hope.

4. But all your hopes are dashed the moment you see a looong line at the boomgate

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But it's okkkk. No rush, there's still plenty of time. Breathe. 

5. You make it in after 15 minutes, but the parking lot is already full – only OKU spots are open

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Don’t hog the OKU spot guys, no matter how desperate you are.

6. At the corner of your eye, you see a green light... WEI, GOT PARKING!

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7. You rush over instantly only to see a Kancil parked there. #worstfeelingintheworld #kenacon

Damn you, small car. Damn you to the max.

8. There's another green light nearby but it's actually someone reparking his car. #kenaconagain

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9. But you refuse to give up, so you continue circling around the parking lot like a shark in bloody waters

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10. Wait, is that a guy walking out with a bag of groceries?! Time to stalk him to his car…

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I got my eyes on you ~

11. After dumping everything into his car, he turns around and signals to you that he's not leaving yet

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12. Then you see this guy who's about to leave, but he's taking his own sweet time...

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13. ... Everyone is honking at you 'coz you're blocking the road...

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You start hearing phrases that rhyme with the word "duck".

14. ... Until they pressure you to drive away. But through your rearview mirror, you see him getting out too!

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This is what happens when fate plays a cruel joke on you. 

15. You didn't waste so much time just to surrender. Time to change things up. You camp on one lane and wait patiently.

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16. A kind soul points to his car. You feel hopeful again. Then you realise his vehicle is actually parked in the lane next to yours. #areyoukiddingme

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17. Screw it, just park illegally lah

Outdoor also full.

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But no luck. Everywhere is filled with cars. 

18. And then it happens. You accept defeat. You spend RM25 at the carwash just so you can finally step out of hell and into the mall.

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19. Five hours later when you wanna go home, you’re STUCK IN THE PARKING LOT AGAIN. WHY MUST EVERYONE LEAVE AT THE SAME TIME?

Thank God you went to the toilet first.

20. You come back next weekend

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What were some of your most nightmare-ish experiences of looking for parking in crowded malls? Share with us in the comment section below!

But please don't park like this lah:

Look, we're not exaggerating. Research shows drivers in KL spend an average of 25 minutes daily to look for parking:

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