17 Things Malaysians Love To Keep For Years And Years

"Just in case I need it."

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1. 60% of your wardrobe is full with old *baju*s you've been keeping for over 10 years

It doesn't matter that they're all faded, or that you can't fit into the sleeves anymore. You never know when the fashion will come back as a trend, right?

2. You keep them even though you KNOW you'll never wear them again

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Your old PJ baju is still there. Can use as rag.

3. Sometimes you look through your cupboard and you're like "OMG, I still have this!" and then you keep it for another 10 years

Sometimes you don't even remember when you bought it or if it's even yours...

4. You keep boxes. A LOT of boxes.

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Especially mooncake boxes. They're very pretty, okay?

5. You loooove shopping for new boxes to keep your old boxes in them

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6. Speaking of storage, you buy more kinds of storage so you can keep more stuff in them... <3

This is #goals.

7. You still keep wrapping paper from decades ago

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"Oh this? That's from 2001."

8. You're the kind who opens presents carefully so you can keep the wrapping paper

"NO, DON'T TEAR THE WRAPPING PAPER!" proceeds to caaaarefully peel off the cellophane tape even though everyone's watching and it's been 20 minutes

9. You have movie ticket stubs from your past and you still keep them even though they're all faded now

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Let's not forget your boarding passes!

10. Aww, greeting cards <3

Birthday cards, Chinese New Year cards, Raya cards, Deepavali cards, get well soon cards! Sooo 'vintage', must keep them all!


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Keep the good quality branded ones in a special place, and oh, never use the big, sturdy paper bags unless there's an occasion that calls for it.


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"Recycle mah."

13. You loooove keeping plastic forks and spoons

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And those cheap bamboo chopsticks. Still can use what!

14. Let's not forget the little packets of sauces and chilli flakes

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You never know when you might run out of chilli sauce. 

15. There's always a place at home where you keep stuff on 'standby', just in case you need them

You never know when you'll need them in the future.

16. We love keeping mountains and mountains of rubber bands, especially from tapau packets

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We keep them for so long that they lose elasticity and we can't use them anymore :(

17. Then there are the angpow packets from five years ago

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The quality is sooooo good! Must not throw!

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