54 Things Every Malaysian Has Probably Done At Least Once In Their Lifetime

Just typical Malaysian things... :p

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1. Complain about the weather

2. Going to the pasar malam

There's food, cheap slippers, random knick knacks, more food...

3. Drink teh tarik a.k.a. our national drink

We even have competitions and national championships to find the best teh tarik master in the entire country.

4. Half-boiled egg + toast with butter and kaya + kopi 'o' = perfect breakfast

BONUS: Let's throw roti canai in the mix too!

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5. Eat nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner, supper, after clubbing...

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6. Eat banana leaf with your hands. It tastes better one.

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7. Crave for Ramly burger in the middle of the night

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Then purposely drive out to immediately satisfy your craving.

8. Hang out at the mamak 'til 3am to watch football or badminton

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9. Drive for hours to another state e.g. Penang or Ipoh for one reason and one reason only - TO EAT

10. Eat freshly opened durian by the roadside

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11. Eat cendol by the roadside

Rojak and laksa too!

12. Line up under the hot sun for good food

13. Queue up for hours (or even overnight!) whenever there's a new store opening or a new product launch

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Also applicable for unexpectedly in-demand Happy Meal toys.

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14. Queue up to pump petrol the night before the price goes up

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15. Get stuck in a traffic jam

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It's especially kan cheong when you desperately need to pee!

16. Take the LRT to KLCC

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17. Go to typical vacation spots like Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, or Sunway Lagoon over the school holidays

18. Or famous islands like Pulau Langkawi or Pulau Redang

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19. Take a tourist-y pic with the Petronas Twin Towers

20. Lawatan sambil belajar ke Petrosains

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Also in the classic school field trip list: Penang Hill, Muzium Negara, and batik factory.

21. Celebrate birthdays at fast food outlets

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22. Join kawad kaki in school

23. True joy is when the Milo truck comes to your school for Hari Sukan

No one can make Milo taste better than Milo trucks.

24. Kena denda together with all of your classmates

25. Make #art using vegetables for Pendidikan Seni

26. Mess up the stars whenever you have to draw the Malaysian flag

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"Teacher, can I just print and colour ah?"

27. Perform a colourful song and dance for school events

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28. Sing patriotic songs for perhimpunan only during Merdeka month

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29. Cried watching Petronas ads

30. Learn how to play the recorder (probably badly) in school

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Our apologies to our neighbours who had to listen to us practice at home.

31. Brush teeth by the longkang

32. Religiously buy Kuntum, Tunas Sains, and/or other educational magazines because they're (a) fun to read, and (b) actually teach you something

33. Running out after school is over so you can buy fried chicken or Paddle Pop ice cream before your bus arrives

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34. Forced to attend seminars after school and/or on weekends to prepare for UPSR

This is on top of the many, many tuition classes you're already going for. :(

35. Learn how to cook Maggi at a veeeery young age

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I learnt how to when I was six years old! #MasterChefJunior

36. Sneaking off to the kedai runcit and spending all of your money on Mamee Monster, Choki Choki, and many other unhealthy (but tasty) snacks

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37. Chase after the roti man when you hear him ringing the bell

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39. Collect random things like red saga seeds, origami stars, stones for batu seremban, erasers, Pokemon cards etc.

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40. Chup-ing the TV at 5.30pm so you can watch cartoons on TV1

41. Watching popular Japanese or English cartoons... dubbed in Malay!

42. Read manga or comic books in Malay

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43. Play badminton with your neighbours every evening using your house gate as the net

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44. Park self in front of the TV every time there's a major badminton final to cheer on our athletes

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This is also where everyone suddenly becomes badminton experts.

45. Pray that they win gold medals so we can demand for public holiday. :p

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46. Wear traditional clothing only when it's a special occassion... or Hari Muhibbah in school

47. Go to a Raya open house

48. Pose with the decor when shopping malls go all out for special occasions

49. Wear a face mask because of the haze

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50. Be late for appointments because the KTM is late or breaks down in the middle of the journey. #truestory

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51. Try to explain where Malaysia is to a foreigner when you're overseas

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52. Crave Malaysian food when you're overseas

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53. Bring friends that are visiting from another country to eat roti tisu at Kayu

Their reactions when the server brings the towering structure to your table - PRICELESS.

54. And of course, get reeeaally annoyed when someone dares to imply that X country has better food than Malaysia

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Malaysian food is the best. Anyone who says otherwise is SALAH.

What other local experiences do you think is just so #malaysianlah? Let us know in the comments section below!

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