These 'Kan Cheong' Moments In School Are The Kind Of Things You'll Remember For Life

No matter how old you are now.

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1. Only having 10 minutes to get ready in the morning

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You'd swallow your breakfast in one gulp (that's why you're a fast eater today) and stuff your socks in your pocket.

2. Running after the school bus. Your heavy bag and water bottle would slow you down.

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You prayed the Uncle Bas would notice you.

3. Whenever there was a spot check and you had a barang larangan

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4. Going to the dentist

You hated seeing that green card.

5. When you break something in the science lab

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6. When that classmate who had the manila card for your group presentation hasn’t shown up yet

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The whole group would be in trouble because of that one guy.

7. Daydreaming in class and the teacher suddenly calls your name

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8. Going to the front of the class to write your answer on the whiteboard

Now the whole class can judge you (and your handwriting).

9. Exam season. Everyone is busy 'spotting questions'. Your tuition teacher and school teachers are telling you different things?!

10. It's the night before the exam. 100 'babs' left to read.

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Confirmed all-nighter.

11. You're supposed to burn the midnight oil but you fall asleep AND wake up late for your exam

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12. You're in the exam hall. Brain freeze. Cold sweat. See spots.

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13. The exam paper has NOTHING you spotted

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Why must it always be that one thing you didn't revise?

14. YOU KNOW the answer is in your head but everything is just a blur, OMG WHY? HOW?

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15. "5 MINIT LAGI!"

Time to 'tembak'.

16. You give up

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17. After the exam, everyone is discussing their answers. NONE of yours are the same as theirs.

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Did they all get it wrong? It cannot be...

18. Results time. The teacher reads everyone's marks out loud to the class. :(

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Cannot breathe.

19. When it's Hari Terbuka and you had to sit next to your parents

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20. And then explain your not-so-high grades to them

"Even the smartest student in class only scored 60%, okay?"

21. The ultimate fear: SPM results day

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Panic attack to the max.

What were some of your most stressful moments in school? Let us know in the comments below!

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