11 Kiasu Malaysians We've All Met And Raged About

Don't like that la...

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1. People who stand in front of the LRT doors on the platform

You'll find them standing in front of the doors at any LRT station, ready to push their way in when the doors open.

You're supposed to queue by the side so others can get off the train, guys.

2. The person who takes piles of food from the buffet table but never finishes them

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They're also the ones who take 20 satays for themselves. Ugh. So judging you.

3. The person who cuts queues


4. People in a crowded lift who refuse to give way

Sorry but, some of us need to get out?

5. The person who won't give up their seat for elderly or pregnant passengers

They need it more than us.

6. The person who takes at least five minutes to leave their parking spot

'cause they have to put their bags nicely, change to their 'driving shoes', choose a Spotify playlist, take off their jackets and then drive.

7. The person who takes their own sweet time at the ATM

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We don't mean to be rude but, can you finish your ATM transaction before starting a long conversation on the phone?

8. The driver who drives between lanes

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

9. The driver who purposely speeds up when they see you turn on your signal

Why so kiasu?

10. People who occupy empty seats with their bags

Can. You. NOT?

11. People who take more than one free sample

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Pretty sure you can relate to these: