Drone Footage Shows How Drivers In Yellow Box Caused Massive Traffic Jam In Petaling Jaya

We need better drivers in Malaysia.

Cover image via Damansara Perdana Standstill

Being stuck in traffic is the worst. Some of us might love driving, but we can be certain that no one loves sitting in their car stagnant behind the wheel.

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While some traffic jams happen due to overcrowding and busybodies slowing down to take a look at accidents, this locally produced video might have just unveiled another cause for the infamous post-work gridlock

A video titled 'Damansara Perdana Standstill' has been trending on the subreddit r/Malaysia over the weekend.

The clip, which was filmed on 9 June at 5pm, offers a bird's eye view of a standstill jam near a busy intersection in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

Set to emotional piano music, the drone footage shows gridlocked cars heading towards the intersection while unveiling to us the cause of this horrendous jam

As the drone inch closer to the intersection, it dawned on us that it wasn't an accident or a broken down car that caused the gridlock.

The jam happened because a number of errant drivers were hogging up the yellow box.

That's right. Despite the long line of vehicles ahead, inconsiderate drivers from each section had driven into the yellow box because they failed to slow down when the traffic signal turned amber.

As a result, gridlocked cars were prevented from moving forward when the traffic signals turned green by multiple cars that had stopped in the yellow box. It's entirely possible that the congestion in the box caused the massive crawl.

You can watch the full video here.

Vehicles stopping in yellow boxes have been an ongoing issue for years

Image via Unverified

Back in 2014, a voice reminder system was installed in the KL city centre to caution motorists not to stop in yellow boxes.

Stopping in a yellow box is an offence in Malaysia. Those caught will face a summon amounting to RM150.

But let's not wait for the authorities to remind us to move away from yellow boxes

Please remember that a yellow box is placed at the junction to enable traffic from all directions to move without obstruction.

Drive responsibly, guys.

Many of our daily actions on the road contribute to the forming of traffic congestion in one way or another:

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